Cover page Indonesian Overseas Contract Workers’ HIV Knowledge: A gap in information ISBN/DATE



Authors: Graeme Hugo

A joint publication of UNDP/UNOPS and ILO



International labour migration is probably the fastest growing movement between nations in the first decade of the twenty-first centurv. Indonesia has become one of the world's major sources of international labour over the last decade or so. Of all the types of international population movement, migrant labours are particular vulnerable to HTV if there are no systems to help them when they are abroad.
Recognising the need for more empirical knowledge and information to assist migrant workers, the UNDP South East Asia HIV and Development Project, in collaboration with the ILO Asia and Pacific Regional Office, decided to investigate the knowledge base of HIV/AIDS among Indonesian overseas contract workers and mechanisms if such knowledge and preparations were to be provided to them.
The survey reveals a major gap of information not only in terms of infectious diseases but also of a total lack of basic health care knowledge provided to both legal and illegal migrant workers. The implication of potential regional spread of HIV both at home and abroad is vast.

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September 2000