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Authors: Jacques du Guerny, Andrew Gillen, Christopher Nicholson and Lee-Nah Hsu



The South East Asia HIV and Development Project focuses on: i) socio-economic and cultural dynamics between HIV/AIDS and Development, with a particular emphasis on one of the key factors in the spread of the epidemics inside the South East Asian region, i.e. mobility of populations; and, ii) the harnessing of development activities to increase the resilience of communities, households and individuals against the risk of HIV infection. The project established a web site in January 2000 in order to disseminate information both on HIV and Development and on the development dimensions of the epidemics in South East Asia. A year later, the Project carried out a small study to determine whether the web site was achieving its objectives.
The present publication presents the results of the study. These confirm that the objectives have been achieved. The results show that the website users come from all continents (including Africa and Central Asia) and walks of life (public, private sectors -including business, NGOs, universities, etc.) The users are primarily interested in substantive (factual and conceptual) information on the inter-relations between HIV and Development: there is a significant demand in this area. The continuing success if the web site is clearly linked to meeting a number of strict conditions which are identified and discussed.

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June 2001