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Workshop organized by UNDP-SEAHIV and FAO

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HIV/AIDS is creating a crisis in the rural areas of the countries most severely affected by this disease. In such areas, a significant proportion of the population depends on agriculture for subsistence. Up to now, most of the responses to national HIV epidemics have come from the health sector. However, owing to the centrality of agriculture in the lives of rural populations, people are beginning to see that the agricultural sector has a fundamental role to play in mitigating the impact of the pandemic.
Concrete interventions, based on the expertise and comparative advantage of the agricultural sector in the area of medicinal herbs, indigenous nutritious plants and labor-saving technologies, have been identified as fruitful lines of intervention for the agricultural sector. They could be implemented immediately by governmental organizations and NGOs responsible for agriculture and rural development.
In the face of severe food shortages partly caused by HIV/AIDS in Africa, such a consultation as this one promotes building not only partnerships between AIDS authorities and agricultural authorities, but also between Africans and Asians so that they can benefit from the experience of each other in preventing and mitigating the adverse impact of AIDS on agriculture and rural development.

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April 2004