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Author: Jacques du Guerny

A joint publication of UNDP and CIDA



This paper, Agriculture and HIV/AIDS, was originally written in May 2001 at the request of EASE International in order to present a strategy for the agriculture sector in the area of HIV/AIDS. The paper brings together the work done by FAO, which focussed mostly on identifying the various impacts of the HIV epidemic on agriculture, food security and rural livelihoods with work done by the South East Asia HIV and Develop¬ment Project of UNDP (UNDP-SEAHIV) in the area of setting up rapid development responses to the epidemic.
The paper argues that the agriculture sector should not attempt to carry out health work for which it is ill equipped, but concentrate on activities in which it has a comparative advantage i.e. agriculture. A simple model built along the lines of the Early Warning Rapid Response System (EWRRS) model, already published by the UNDP-SEAHIV, identifies the key points of intervention for agriculture policies and programmes at two levels: the farming and the farm-household systems. The types of intervention at each level are briefly discussed. The paper also shows how such activities can dovetail with activities of the health sector. Some recommendations for the agriculture sector are made in order to assist it in initiating its interventions.

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February 2002