Cover page Assessing Population Movement & HIV Vulnerability: Brunei Indonesia Malaysia Philippines linkages in the East ASEAN Growth Area ISBN/DATE



Prepared by Scalabrini Migration Centre

A joint publication of UNDP/UNOPS and UNAIDS



Population mobility and migration are rarely defined by international boundaries. Rather, they are based on historical, cultural socio-economic and familial ties established long before present borders. In the Bmnei-Indonesia-Malaysia-Philippines (BIMP) East ASEAN Growth Area (EAGA)3 the movement of populations between and amongst the island communities is not well understood in an HIV vulnerability context as it relates to development. Examination of factors influencing HIV vulnerability or resilience are necessary for designing effective interventions.
To address these challenges UNDP South-East Asia HIV and Development Project (SEAHIV) and UNAIDS Asia-Pacific Intercountiy Team (APICT) suppoited the following investigation of Philippines-Malaysia-Indonesia linkages as an initial step towards designing a comprehensive regional collaboration programme on pre-departure, post-arrival and returnee integration.

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November 2000