Cover page Environment and Agriculture Interactions: Implications for HIV and other infectious diseases ISBN/DATE



Authors: Jacques du Guerny and Lee-Nah Hsu



Agriculture changes natural environments into artificial ones, which are unsustainable without continuous human interventions. Such agro-ecological dynamics, compounded by the growth and increasing densities of populations, create a constant risk of human encounters with known or emerging infections.
Starting from an environmental perspective, this paper presents a framework for analysing associations between populations and infectious diseases and, more specifically, farming systems in which farm-households are embedded. This framework is analysed in relation to HIV/AIDS and it demonstrates how HIV/AIDS impacts on food security and the viability of farm-households on which its members are dependent. Furthermore, the paper highlights the framework's potential contribution to developing more effective policies and programmes. Consequently, partnerships between the health and agriculture sectors are critical in mitigating the impact of HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases on humanity.

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July 2004