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Prepared by UNDP-SEAHIV in collaboration with National AIDS Bureau, Sociology Institute, Social Development Research and Consultancy and UNDP Hanoi, Viet Nam



In collaboration with national AIDS authorities in countries of the Greater Mekong Subregion (GMS), the UNDP South-East Asia HIV and Development Project (UNDP-SEAHIV) has conducted mapping assessments of HIV vulnerability as it relates to mobile populations of the GMS area. This Viet Nam assessment is part of that process.
This publication affords the reader a wealth of qualitative information on the movements and behaviours of those frequently travel through Highway One and the people they interact along the way by presenting a broad array of informant interviews which are excerpted in the report.
The UNDP-SEAHIV would like to thank: the Northern provinces team and its leader, Dr. Vu Tuan Huy; the Southern provinces team and its leader, Mr. Do Van Binli: the National AIDS Bureau, with special thanks to its director, Professor Chung A as well as to Dr. Nguyen Duy Tung; UNDP Viet Nam Country Office, especially its HIV Focal Point. Jean-Pierre Bardoul; and Mr. Jamie Uhrig, UNDP-SEAHIV consultant. Their collaboration in undertaking this mapping assessment has contributed to a better understanding of HIV vulnerability along Highway One covering the northern, central and southern regions of Viet Nam.

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October 2000