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Prepared by Jacques du Guerny, Lee-Nah Hsu, Michelle Rodolph, Liu Wei, Zhao Shaoji, et al.



Good governance has been recognized by UNDP as a critical element in the reduction of HIV vulnerability. Right from its start, the UNDP South East Asia HIV and Development Programme has emphasized the importance of introducing dimensions of good governance into development strategies aimed at combating HIV/AIDS epidemics. The presentation of this message to a forum of Asian Parliamentarians at the end of 1999 resulted in the publication of the first article of this issue which links HIV prevention and good governance.
It is most encouraging to note that the message has encouraged several national AIDS programmes to introduce good governance, or a number of its characteristics, into their programmes, as feasible and appropriate within the context of each country. This is the first time a collection of good governance examples, as they relate to HIV in the Greater Mekong Sub region, have been compiled.
In many cases, the promotion of good governance has been spearheaded by NGO's, CBO's or international agencies. However, the case studies presented focus on efforts by governments and national AIDS programmes to strengthen their anti HIV/AIDS strategies through integrating good governance.
Examples from China, Lao PDR and Viet Nam illustrate efforts to apply principles of good governance to reducing vulnerability to HIV infection. Despite the complexity of real life situations, translating theory into practice is possible when the key actors are convinced of the basis for their action.
UNDP South East Asia HIV and Development Programme is pleased to share these case studies of good governance and hopes additional good governance examples, in South East Asia and elsewhere, can be promoted as part of our HIV vulnerability reduction efforts.

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June 2002