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Prepared by UNDP-SEAHIV, UNAIDS and IOM Geneva

A joint publication of UNDP/UNOPS, UNAIDS and IOM



This publication is the product of the UN Regional Task Force on Mobile Populations and HIV Vulnerability and created in collaboration with UNAIDS-South East Asia Inter-Country Team (SEAPICT) and International Organization for Migration (IOM) Geneva. The inventory presents an overview of organizations working with HIV vulnerability among mobile populations in South East Asia and elsewhere.
The content of the inventory originates from an online internet survey, which was launched in September 2001, in collaboration with UNAIDS-SEAPICT and IOM Geneva. Through our website all interested people could log-on and contribute information on their programmes and activities. Since the survey contains information submitted on a voluntary basis this publication does not present all actors and organizations dealing with mobile populations and HIV vulnerability.
We sincerely hope that this inventory provides a tool by which organizations, field workers or researchers mi slit contact others doing similar work.

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December 2001