Cover page Mobile Populations and HIV Vulnerability: Selected responses in South East Asia ISBN/DATE



Authors: Sin Chhitna, Viboon Kemchalerm, Nguyen Duy Tung and Steen Bjorn Hanssen

A joint publication of UNDP/UNOPS and The Rockefeller Foundation



Without support from The Rockefeller Foundation, the experiences and wisdom of rural people, presented in their own voices, would not have been heard at a conference where the language of communication is English. We are grateful for Dr. Rosalia Sciortino, Director of The Rockefeller Foundation Regional Office in Bangkok for the financial support, which made this special session at the 6th ICCAP possible and to the people who made the presentations and their interpreters.
It is our hope that this publication will help break down barriers - theme of the 6th ICCAP - and give insight to communities who share their experiences with their own voices.

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March 2002