Cover page People’s Development: A community governance tool ISBN/DATE



Authors: Seri Phongphit

A joint publication of UNDP/UNOPS and UNAIDS



Community governance through developing local people's potentials and rediscovering indigenous wisdom, knowledge base and other resources provide a solid platform for building a community's HIV resilience. This approach, based on traditional South-East Asian culture, also equips the rural communities to be competitive in the global economy.
As part of the UNDP South East Asia HIV and Development Project's effort to document good practice, this is one of the series on community models. The other relevant publications from UNDP South East Asia HIV and Development Project (UNDP-SEAHIV) are as follows:

1. Our Families, Our Friends: An Action Guide, January 2001.
2. Mae Chan Workshop on Integrated Community Mobilization towards Effective Multisectoral HIV/AIDS Prevention and Care, May

3. Sang Fan Wan Mai Youth Group: Tiny Steps by Youth to Battle the AIDS Crisis, July 2001.
4. Globalization: Threat or Opportunity to Build Community Governance and HIV Resilience, September 2001.
5. Human Ecologic Analysis for HIV Resilience Building, October 2001.

UNDP SEAHIV gratefully acknowledges the financial support from UNAIDS-SEAPICT in the development and production of this report as well as for reports 1 and 2 listed above.

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July 2001