Cover page Population Mobility and HIV/AIDS in Indonesia ISBN/DATE



Author: Graeme Hugo

A joint publication of UNDP-SEAHIV, ILO, UNAIDS and AusAID



A large number of people have contributed ro rhe completion of this project and the writer wishes to express his warm appreciation to all of them. Special thanks have to go to Ms. Lee Nah Hsu (Manager, UNDP/UNOPS South East Asia HIV and Development) who originated the idea for this project and was the catalyst for bringing together UNDP-SEAHIV, UNAIDS Jakarta and ILO Jakarta to fund it. It is an excellent example of cooperation between agencies of the UN to tackle a major problem which each of them has an important understanding of Similarly, I wish to thank very sincerely Ms. Helen Von Granitz (ILO, Jakarta) and Dr, Jane Wilson (Country Program Advisor, UNAIDS Jakarta) who demonstrated not only the highest levels of professional skill supervising the project but whose commitment and enthusiasm made major contributions.
I would also like to thank AusAID for providing most helpful detailed comments on an earlier draft of this report and for contributing to the cost of publishing the report. Many people assisted me in Indonesia and I am most thankful to them all. I'd especially like to thank Dr. Budi L'tomo (University of Indonesia) who was most helpful and generous with his time and expertise. Dr. Bing Wibisono. Dr. Abby Ruddick, Dr. Stephen Wignall and Dr. Amaya Maw Naing. I am also most grateful to Professor John Kaldor (University of New South Wales, Australia) for reading and commenting on parts of the original draft and for providing information.
At Adelaide University several people helped me greatly in putting the report together. Most of all, Ms. Janet Wall whose tireless, dedicated, patient and skilful work I greatly appreciate. Ms. Margaret Young, too, has put a great deal of skill and effort into the many computing tasks involved with it and I am very grateful to her. Ms. Chris Crothers drew many of the maps and diagrams in the report with her usual unflappable skill, speed and flair. Ms. Joanna Rillo prepared the various versions of the manuscript with great professionalism and capacity and I really appreciate her work.

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November 2001