Cover page Sang Fan Wan Mai Youth Group: Tiny steps by youth to battle the AIDS crisis ISBN/DATE



Prepared by Jansui Janpeng, Jinda Kankaew, Prachert Tatong, Sangdaw Tanggoen, et al.



Identifying good practice examples of community responses to HIV/AIDS is one of the activities of the UNDP South East Asia HIV and Development Project (UNDP-SEAHIV). In the case of the Mae Chan community, in addition to the Buddhist monks, people with HIV/AIDS, and community hospitals, the youth from Chiang Rai formed a group and joined their neighbours to reduce the HIV/AIDS vulnerabilities of their community. Youth are the future of our society and they are becoming increasingly affected by HIV. This report is prepared by the youth themselves and UNDP-SEAHIV had it translated into English in order to share the good practice with the rest of the world.

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July 2001